What some of our customers say about the L20 and L25 Radio Anti-Two-Block Systems...

"It's a great system, definitely would buy again." ~ Jim Thompson, Addison Crane Service, Chantilly VA

"Definitely state of the art, hassle free, and no maintenance compared to other systems" ~ William Jennings, Industrial Screen & Maintenance, Casper, WY

"Real easy installation, no problem, first one I ever did. Operator keeps it stowed away, uses it only when he needs it." ~ Bobby Davis, Skyline Equipment, Manassas, VA

"This system has been a real lifesaver for us. It paid for itself in about a month. We had been having a lot of down time with the cable reel system. Every crane used in a tree service business ought to have one." ~ Gerald Kleber, Mudrack Tree Service, Ft. Wayne, IN

"We use two systems on six different cranes. We like the simplicity and the speed of portability and we can store away easily when they are not being used. LIFTek service and response to questions was very quick and courteous. We've tried others, this whole system is well done." ~ Jack Holton, Johnson's Crane Service, Jacksonville, FL

"Works great, no problem - works like a charm - real simple to hook up. Very user friendly manuals. Definitely would buy again and recommend to others." ~ Keith Dixon, Trus Joist Div. of Weyerhauser, Castleberry, AL