Hydraulic Valves – How to Specify

This section explains how to specify the size, number and voltage of lockout valves for your crane. These valves will most likely NOT be needed if your truck already has a factory installed anti-two-block system. The L25 will drive those valves. Please check with us to see if a relay kit might be needed.

For older cranes with no lockouts installed, typically, 2 to 5 valves are required. A valve is required for any function that raises the hook. This includes one for each winch, for each independent telescope section and for boom down (unless the winch is mounted on the boom). Multi-speed winches may require 2 valves if supplied by 2 separate hoses.

Example #1. Typical boom truck, 12V.
1x40 GPM valve for the winch
1x40 GPM valve for telescope (has 1 lever, synchronized boom sections).
(Winch is on boom, so boom down does not raise hook, no valve needed).
Specify 12V solenoids.

Example #2. Larger Truck Crane over 15T, 24V, 2 Winches, 2 Tele levers.
2x70 GPM valves for winches (1 each)
2x40 GPM valves for Telescope (1 for each Tele lever)
1x40 GPM valve for Boom Down function(winch behind boom)
Specify 24V solenoids.

Hydraulic lockout valves can be installed by your crane mechanic in about 2 to 3 hours per valve. Typically a section of hose is removed and your local hose shop can cut and install SAE fittings to mount the new valve in line. If a crane has all metal lines, the installation will be more difficult and/or may require sections to be replaced with rubber hose.

If flow rates are not known, use 40 GPM valves for 3/4" I.D. or smaller lines and 70 GPM valves for 1.0" I.D. or larger lines. 120 GPM valves are available but are not a stock item. You must specify crane voltage 12V or 24V.

You supply fittings and hose as required by your crane. We supply valves, detailed instructions, fittings reference, cable, crimp terminals, cable ties and technical assistance.

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