D7K Forkview Channel Camera System

D7K Forkview Channel Camera System

Recommended use: Indoor /Outdoor 12/24/36/48 VDC, CL2A, CL3A, CL4A

D7K Display: Waterproof IP64 Outdoor 7” 20,000 hr LCD color, LED backlight. Display mounting bracket for clamping to the overhead guard. System rated 10-32VDC @ 0.6A typical. Three camera inputs with reverse signal input available for each camera. Includes auto/manual screen brightness control and on screen menu controls. Display harness: with fuse and filter, screen connections.

Channel Camera: rugged, easy clamp on mounting, high resolution 420/640TVL, NTSC, excellent low light, field of view: 5.5’ wide and 4’ tall at distance of 5 feet. Camera rated 30G Vibration, 100G Shock. Has highest industry rating for shock and vibration.

Mast Cable: 5’, 17’, 33’ or custom lengths available.

Carriage Extension Cable: 6’, 8’, 10’ or custom lengths available.

Coil Cable: (15’, 20’ or 30’ extended lengths) w/ magnetic mounts and jack screws for removal.

Installation kit: (not shown) manual, wire terminals, ties, cable mounts, crimp terminal assortment. Carriage cable supplied as required. Power pigtail cable kit, DC-DC converters and filters for 36/48VDC trucks are not shown.

  • Model: L2710-D7K-CHX-YY-Z
  • Shipping Weight: 22lbs
  • 10 + Units in Stock